BarBQ Plaza Rolled Out Salted Egg Combo Set?!

This is For All The Salted Egg Fans

Everyone knows the salted egg craze took the internet away. From salted egg fish skin to salted egg fried chicken, bread, ice cream, meat……the list goes on. Apparently, the hype is not going to die down any soon, because guess what? Malaysians love salted egg. So to satisfy your crazy hype, BarBQ Plaza recently introduced Salted Egg Combo Set, and we’re here to tell you how insane it is.

What’s With The Salted Egg Combo Set?

超人气的咸蛋#黄金套餐来到BarBQ Plaza啦!

哇🤩哇🤩哇!🤩【超人气的咸蛋#黄金套餐来到BarBQ Plaza啦!】必吃的咸蛋奶香烤鲜贝,咸蛋薯块,培根蒜米炒饭都在㖏!大家不必再想下班了去哪吃晚餐,心一横约约麻吉们到BarBQ Plaza去吃这份深受大众喜爱的黄金套餐呗!【会员大放送】会员们这次可是爽歪歪啦!凡点上黄金套餐的会员朋友,一份冰冰冻冻的咸蛋冰淇淋可以免费送到座上供享用,真的是天大的喜讯呢!❤🧡💛💚💙💜大家就继续吃吃吃!对啦,大家想不想来个不一样的体验?嘿哟,那就千万不要忘了来个咸蛋汁汤底哟!小编尝了一口,竟然停不下口呢,真的是越吃越香甜讷!小编超爱derrrr~(♡∀♡)这份超值的黄金套餐只需RM78.80就可以吃到了咧!如果您与您两位麻吉一起来大吃一顿更加便宜呢!屈指一算,大概RM26就可以吃到这么好吃的套餐,还可以聚聚聊八卦,真是一举两得呀!💗💗💕那么值得又好吃的#黄金套餐,大家怎么可以独乐乐呢?乐乐肯定要和大家一起才有意义的嘛 o(*////▽////*)qIntroducing our all new Salted Egg Combo for this December as an early Christmas present! 😍😍At only RM78.80, rejoice on the enticing taste of salted egg sauce with succulent meat, grilled to your choice! Hurry now and give it a try today!Available at your nearest BarBQ Plaza outlet. 💗💗💕

Posted by BarBQ Plaza Malaysia on Sunday, December 2, 2018

Did you ever wish someone would come out with salted egg soup so you could slurp the golden, custardy flavour down like nobody’s business? Yep, BarBQ Plaza heard you. Their Salted Egg Combo Set is everything your salted egg alter ego could ever wish for.

From salted egg soup to salted egg sauce and salted egg ice cream, everything screams salted egg. Plus, their side dishes are also salted egg flavoured like the salted egg scallop. Their set is selling for RM 78.80 nett and to be shared up to 4 pax. You know why? You might die of salted egg-ness if consumed too much (alone).

Good news, BarBQ Plaza members get a free salted egg ice cream, like wow. So what are you waiting for? Tag all your crazy salted egg fans and head over to your nearest BarBQ Plaza. Also, tell us, is this idea madness or love?


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