20 Snacks That You’ll Probably Remember From Your Childhood

Are Craving These Snacks Now?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about all the snack that we used to have. Remember when one friend brings a snack and everyone will crowd around him/her? Bringing snacks to school was definitely one of the easiest ways to make friends. That rule definitely still stays until today. Food is the way to a person’s heart.

Do You Still Reminisce When You’re Having These Snacks?

1. Wheel Crackers

Photo: @prettylittlethingsevent (Instagram)

This is definitely a favorite for many. A truly addicting snack because there is no stopping when you have your first piece. The saltiness of the cracker and when it melts on your tongue, divine. Remember when a pack only cost RM1 from the stall outside of school?

2. Mamee Monster

Photo: @tomo_mix_ (Instagram)

Are you the kind who crushes the dried noodles and shake it with the seasoning or do you eat it whole? This snack definitely brings back a lot of memories. Every birthday parties will give out a pack of Mamee Monster and it’s every kid’s favorite part.

3. Haw Flakes

Photo: @jun.and.tonic (Instagram)

The good ol’ Haw Flakes. Believe it or not, it was not only our childhood snacks but our parents’ as well. Isn’t it crazy how long this snack has existed? This is one of the many snacks that you will find in a birthday party pack. Was it a silent rule that this snack was compulsory in every party packs? Not complaining though.

4. Jelly Cup & Stick

Photo: @worldsnacks (Instagram)

Another snack that you find in a party pack. One was never enough for every child because of how good it was. Just squeezing the cup and pop the entire jelly into your mouth was the only way to eat it. Which flavor was your favorite?

5. Sugus

Photo: @thetiffintimes (Instagram)

A candy that almost every 90’s kids will remember and it was the candy of all candies. How many of you tried making origami out of the wrapper of the candy? It took forever to chew this candy because of how chewy it is but we still manage to finish a pack so quickly.

6. Yupi Burger & Pizza

Photo: @canydhita (Instagram)

This candy is one of my all-time favorite candy. Did any of you eat it layer by layer for Yupi Burger or did you have it whole like eating a burger? There are so many different ways to enjoy the burger. As for the pizza, were you the kid who had the entire pack to yourself or did you share it among all your friends?

7. Choki Choki

Photo: @taskosweetswaterkloof (Instagram)

The one snack that you can never have enough of as a kid. A stick used to cost RM0.20 from the canteen stall and it’s a snack that you would sneakily eat it during class. Besides the chocolate flavored one, there is a milk flavored one that tasted pretty amazing as well.

8. White Rabbit Creamy Candy

Photo: @emveeyou (Instagram)

The candy that made every kid invisible because you can swallow the rice paper on the candy. “Look, I’m eating plastic!” is what every kid will say before popping the candy into their mouth. After a while, the trick got old and there’ll be that one friend who would burst their friend’s bubble. If you were that friend who called out on your friend’s “trick”, you were quite mean.

9. Want Want Crackers

Photo: @goods24conveniencestore (Instagram)

The seasoning on this cracker is definitely the star of this snack. We shouldn’t be judging that kid who used to lick the cracker first before biting into it because it was that irresistible. While Want Want has different flavored rice cracker as well but the original flavored rice cracker was the favorite for many until today.

10. Dahfa Dried Cuttlefish Strips

Photo: @4eva_miekaldu (Instagram)

One strip was never enough to get the full experience. The only way one can eat this snack correctly is to stuff a bunch in your mouth. While this snack will stink up the place, it’s too delicious to say no to. You can even have it fried and there are stalls that will sell it in a container during Chinese New Year.

11. Mo Far Kor


The snack that will bring friends to you. When someone in your class brings this out, that’s it. That will be the last time that they will see this container full because once it’s being pass around, it’ll be gone in a minute. Mo Far Kor is a good pick me up snack especially when you’re feeling sleepy in class or you’re feeling sick from a car ride.

12. Apollo Chocolate Wafer

Photo: @dharamraj86 (Instagram)

Another staple in a party pack. This chocolate wafer is so good that you will see kids licking the chocolate that’s been smeared on the insides of the packaging. The crunchy wafer that’s been paired with chocolate is literally every kid’s dream snack.

13. Chupa Chups

Photo: @chirob85 (Instagram)

The lollipop that the younger kids are never able to finish for some reason. It’s also a pain when you’re trying to open the wrapper. Which flavor was your favorite as a kid and did you manage to finish the entire lollipop when you were younger?

14. Popo Fish Muruku

Photo: (Instagram)

The original snacks of all snacks that existed since 1975. Another addicting snack that you can’t stop once you’ve started. A perfect snack to bring into class as well. Even the design on the front of the packaging still remains the same.

 15. Big Foot Candy

Photo: @eliza.rhamzah (Instagram)

A perfect balance between sweet and sour is what this candy has to offer. Not forgetting how colorful your tongue will become after finishing this candy. That is probably the most amusing and fascinating part for all your friends when you start comparing the color of your tongue.

16. Plum Candy

Photo: (Instagram)

The candy that cost RM0.50 for one. The sour plum is probably every kid’s favorite part of the candy and you just can’t wait to finish the golden candy first. It’s impossible to pluck the sour plum our from the candy hence you have to just be patient to enjoy the best part.

17. Eye Glass Candy

Photo: @dalagandaaa (Instagram)

The candy that acts as a toy and snack. That was how simple it was back then when a simple packaging like that will fascinate every kid. Moreover, it was cheaper than Smarties as well. Remember when every kid will run around with this on their eyes? The good old days when kids were easily amused.

18. Fizzy Cola Candy

Photo: @valenezoeyanne (Instagram)

A simple candy that taste amazing. The fizz that you get at the end of the candy is probably the best part aside from the flavor. While the fizz part is the best part but you know that the candy is about to finish when you’ve reached that part. No other cola candy can beat this one because it’s the best fizzy cola candy in the market.

19. Super Ring

Photo: @mira_muri (Instagram)

Does anyone remember the theme song for this commercial? I’ll give you a hint, it starts with ‘super ring lazat’. Wear it around your finger like a piece of jewelry before eating it. You fingers will end up orange in color when you’re done eating. This cheesy snack will melt in your mouth with every bite.

20. Ice Gems

Photo: @keitokeito (Instagram)

Kids that were born in the 60s until the 90s are familiar with this snack. The hard icing on the top paired with the biscuit is definitely the perfect match. You’ve probably bitten the icing on top first before eating the biscuit or were you that kid who gives the biscuit to you mother after biting the colorful icing on top?

Do you remember any of these snacks? There are more snacks but this list will be endless if we were to list down everything. So, you can leave in the comment below the snacks that you remember from your own childhood.

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