Dominos Made Pizzas With Salted Egg Yolk To Make You ‘Eggstra Shiok’

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Honestly, we are sure that everyone has tried and tested different variations of food made with salted egg yolk. There are salted egg yolk ice-cream, salted egg yolk fish skin, and so many more! Yup, people are getting more innovative when it comes to salted egg yolk. Keep them coming ’cause we cannot get enough of it. Here comes one of the best pizza franchise in Malaysia! Dominos Made Pizzas With Salted Egg Yolk!

Photo: @liyanaroslann (Instagram)

Dominos Made Pizzas With Salted Egg Yolk

Photo: Dominos Malaysia (Website)

Yes, there are finally making pizzas with salted egg yolk, and we are so eggcited! For a limited time only, you can get three types of pizzas with salted egg yolk on it. Let us introduce to you Royale Delight Pizza, topped with capsicum, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Next on the list is Royale Chicken Pizza. A good combination of chicken, mushroom, and tomatoes among others.

Photo: Dominos Malaysia (Website)

The last is a little strange as we cannot imagine the combination of seafood and salted egg yolk. Yes, we are talking about Royale Tuna Pizza. Are you willing to try this brand new innovation? As these are Royale pizzas, there are extra surcharges. The extra surcharges are RM 3 for personal, RM 5 for regular, and RM 7 for large. Salted egg yolk must be eggpensive.

Photo: Dominos Malaysia (Website)

Planning to share this special pizza with your friends and family? That’s great! You can get the combos ranging from RM 39.90 to RM 59.90. The combos come with Royale Chicken Wings! Yes, you can get your salted egg yolk pizzas with salted egg yolk fried chicken. That’s not all, folks! ‘Cause they have crafted Royale Cheesy Stix! We have mad love for cheese and salted egg yolk!

Dominos Made Pizzas With Salted Egg Yolk

Photo: @kaekae_adventures (Instagram)

So, are you going to try their very new flavour? If you are a big fan of salted egg yolk, we think you should go for it. What can possibly go wrong with salted egg yolk? This promotion is for a limited time only, and we are unsure of the duration. So, grab it before it is gone! If you are in Penang you have mad love for salted egg yolk, check this list out!

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