FamilyMart Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With All-New Bubble Earl Grey Cake

We all love FamilyMart, it’s that convenient store that transports us overseas for a little bit. Well, if you’re like us and you always catch up with all-things FamilyMart, then you’re at the right place. Because, we talk about all-things food and we can never get enough of the unique fares from FamilyMart. Our favourite convenient store just turned 3 and without a doubt, there are some awesome RM3 deals available. Read about them here. Also, keep scrolling to see FamilyMart’s new bubble earl grey cake!

FamilyMart Releases Bubble Earl Grey Cake

Bubble tea hype shows no signs of slowing down in fact, more and more bubble tea joints seem to keep popping up. While the hype is still hot and baking, FamilyMart joined in as well. Previously, they released new  Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearls and this time around, their creativity is unbeatable.

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Instagram)

They introduced the Bubble Earl Grey Cake which essentially, consists of soft sponge cake infused with Earl Grey Tea. Then, the best part is that you can add on Brown Sugar Bubble on top of the cake and it’s no joke, probably the best of both worlds. The cake in itself costs RM5.90 and the Brown Sugar Bubble add-on costs RM2.

Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

**RM7.10 for the cake and RM2.40 for the Bubble at KLIA2 and Resorts World Genting

This new creation from FamilyMart revolves around a DIY concept because you gotta follow these steps to enjoy it the right way:

  1. Bring the cake over to the cashier
  2. Add on Brown Sugar Bubble for RM2
  3. Pour the Brown Sugar Bubble on top of the cake, peel the plastic off and ENJOY!
Photo: @FamilyMartMY (Facebook)

It’s already available at your nearest FamilyMart outlet so head on over and indulge in this sweet temptation! Also, don’t forget to snap some pics and let us know what you think about it! Bye!

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