McDonald’s Green Tea McFlurry Is Back!

Are you a green tea lover who happens to also love McDonald’s McFlurry? Well, we have good news for you! McDonald’s Green Tea McFlurry is back! This McFlurry is rich with green tea flavor and is accompanied by their signature soft serve. If you missed it the last time, you have a chance to try it now. Satisfy your sweet tooth craving by getting a cup of this green tea goodness from your nearest McDonald’s. Green Tea McFlurry is available starting from 6 June 2019 onwards.

Amazing News For All Green Tea Enthusiast!

This Green Tea McFlurry will surely put you in a zen mood if you’re having a hectic and stressful day. So, take some time out and relax with this sweet treat.

Need A Boost Of Caffeine and Sugar? Coffee Flavored Sundae Will Definitely Help You With Those.

Not a green tea fan? Don’t worry, McDonald’s has you covered with their coffee flavored sundaes as well! This creamy but soft texture will leave you wanting more.

Let us know in the comment what have you tried and what is your thought on both of these sweet treats. Share this good news with your friends and family because sharing is caring.

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