This Just In! McDonald’s Is Now Selling Chicken Rendang Pie!

One for me, please.

This Just In! McDonald’s Is Now Selling Chicken Rendang Pie! Okay, we are sure that whenever you are in McDonald’s, you will be ordering your usual. You don’t need to try something new. Their normal menu such as Spicy Chicken McDeluxe is already super amazing. But, we are here to tell you that they are now selling Chicken Rendang Pie and you need to try it!

This Just In! McDonald’s Is Now Selling Chicken Rendang Pie!

Photo: McDonald’s Malaysia (Website)

We are so excited. Recently, it was also announced in Singapore that they are selling Chocolate Pie, and we are hoping that there will be something amazing for us too. McDonald’s heard us! Today, it was announced on their website that they will be selling Chicken Rendang Pie and also Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pie. It is now available nationwide.

Introduced as a sweet or savoury duo, Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pie and Chicken Rendang Pie cover all the basic grounds of our taste buds. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pie is something that you need to order if you are craving for something sweet. Sure, their soft serve is sweet, but, what if you want to something hot that you can actually chew?

Of course, Chicken Rendang Pie is a must-order. We love it when McDonald’s infuse local flavours into their menu. It just speaks to us so well! It is described as a traditional twist to a local delight. The pie crust is different than the usual ones. It looks like a curry puff crust. We are thinking that it will probably taste like curry puff considering it has chicken rendang inside. Hmm, long curry puff!

That’s Not All!

Photo: McDonald’s Malaysia (Website)

On the same day, they have also added KitKat McFlurry and KitKat McFlurry Party into their menu. It is now available in all Dessert Kiosk. If you love KitKat, you need to try this! It is topped with KitKat bites and chocolate swirls. McFlurry is too small? They got you, fam! KitKat McFlurry Party is perfect for sharing, or all by yourself. We are not judging!

Okay, That’s All!

Photo: @food_bq (Instagram)

We cannot wait to try out their brand new pie, Chicken Rendang Pie. We are heading to McDonald’s for lunch. Are you? By the way, FamilyMart has just released the cutest pink Onigiri that you will need to try, aside from other cool things they have released. You need to check it out right here! The weekend is coming, have a good one ahead!


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