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Baskin Robbins Is Having Black Friday Offer! (Today Only)

We are screaming!

There is nothing that ice-cream cannot cure! It just makes us super happy. Throwback to the good old days after school and our parents take us to the ice-cream parlour to end our dreadful day! Baskin Robbins was the most common one we will step into.

All the different types of flavours, cones, and toppings, just got us so excited about life! Can’t wait to relive those memorable moments? Wait no more! You Don’t Need To Wait Until 31st To Get Discounts At Baskin Robbins!

You Don’t Need To Wait Until 31st To Get Discounts At Baskin Robbins!

Photo: Baskin Robbins (Malaysia)

You don’t need to wait until 31st to be happy. Forget about bringing something pink to Baskin Robbins on Wednesdays. And, three cheers to Black Friday! Baskin Robbins is throwing some gangster discounts. Yay! Isn’t it time to stock up some super good ice-cream in your refrigerator?

Photo: Baskin Robbins (Instagram)
Photo: Baskin Robbins (Instagram)

Here’s the breakdown of the discount! You can get a Single King for only RM 9.90 instead of the normal price of RM 13.60. If you feeling extra, you can get a Quart for only RM 39.90 instead of the normal price of RM 55.80! What a deal! That is a RM 3.70 and  RM 15.90 savings respectively!

Photo: Baskin Robbins (Instagram)

This deal is only available in conjunction on Black Friday and it falls on this Friday, 23rd November 2018. Just throwing this out there, the prices are different for premium outlets such as KLIA 2, Genting Highlands, Genting Premium Outlets, Johor Premium Outlets, and East Malaysia! So, you’ll know where to go, right?

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What’s Your Flavour?

Photo: Baskin Robbins (Instagram)

What is your favourite flavour in Baskin Robbins? Personally, we just simply love Very Berry Strawberry, Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate, Pistachio Almond, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Love Potion #31. You Don’t Need To Wait Until 31st To Get Discounts At Baskin Robbins to stock your ice-cream stash! Remember to mark your calendars because ice-cream is the most important thing of all time.

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