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RM1.80 Promotion at The Chicken Rice Shop on Every 18th of the Month

Bak bak bak bak bak bak bak!

RM1.80 Promotion at The Chicken Rice Shop on Every 18th of the Month!

The Chicken Rice Shop~ Chicken Rice and more! As Malaysians, we all know the famous tune to the advertisement popping up every so often on television channels. (For those of you who don’t know, television channels were what we had before Youtube or Netflix.) For the many of us, we prefer the roadside chicken rice to The Chicken Rice Shop’s, as it would usually be cheaper. Today, however, that changes as The Chicken Rice Shop is serving their signature chicken for only RM1.80!

The Chicken Rice Shop Serving Quarter Chicken at RM1.80!

As you could probably tell from the title, The Chicken Rice Shop has a promotion every 18th of every month! With only RM1.80, you can get a quarter of an entire chicken when simply accompanying a friend. Choose from three whole different flavours — steamed, roast, or soy sauce!


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As with most good things, you gotta play their promotion by the store’s rules. At KL Foodie, we have to make sure that you’re making well-informed decisions when you step into any store. Hence, we’ve gone the extra mile to provide a list some of the more note-worthy terms and conditions for you!

  1. This promotion is valid only when there is minimum of 2 pax at the table.
  2. Valid for dine-in only, strictly no takeaways for unconsumed food for this promotion.
  3. Each table is entitled to one order per visit per bill/receipt only.
  4. No splitting of bills and tables allowed. (Aww this one sucks…)
  5. Offer is not applicable with any other coupons, promotional offers or discounted items.
  6. Not valid at The Chicken Rice Shop KLIA 2 and Genting Highlands Premium Outlets.

To be perfectly honest, even if you go in a group, a RM1.80 1/4 of a chicken is pretty good value to me! Of course, ideally, you’d want to go on a date (it doesn’t have to be romantic…) with just one other friend when you visit The Chicken Rice Shop for maximum value. If you go in a group, just split up outside the store and enter in pairs!

Detailing Detailed Details:

📆 Duration of Promotion: 18th of every month!
Promotion Timing: Opening ’till closing!
📜 Promotion: RM1.80 for a plate of chicken rice!
🚦 Location: Any and all The Chicken Rice Shop outlets except the ones in KLIA 2 and Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

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