BLACKPINK’S Jennie & Jisoo Love Super Ring & It Is Now Selling In South Korea

Bombayah! You have probably have heard of BLACKPINK. The South Korean girl group has been making waves by holding the record of the most viewed video on YouTube with the hit, Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. Of course, BLACKPINK is also the most subscribed music group on YouTube in the world! The video visuals are so stunning. Not to mention, all the songs are super catchy, even if we can’t speak Korean.

Jennie & Jisoo Love Super Ring

Photo: @blackpinkofficial (Instagram)

Unlike many Korean groups with many members, BLACKPINK consists of four members only. Okay, we are going to have a quick introduction. They are Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo! We are sure that you have seen them in multiple ads around Malaysia, especially with Samsung, and the latest collaboration with Adidas. Being so famous worldwide, it must be expensive to feature them in an advertisement.

Photo: @iamernimiza (Instagram)

It turns out that a Malaysian favourite snack, Super Ring, managed to snag some free publicity from Jennie and Jisoo. Here’s the story! When BLACKPINK was touring in Singapore, a fan passed Jennie a bag of Super Ring. Since then, they became fans. During their concert in Malaysia, they were excited to see Super Ring available in 7 Eleven. Now, Super Ring is available in South Korea for 1,200 won, or RM 4.30.

Get It Cheaper In Malaysia

A photo of Super Ring being available in South Korea was retweeted by @moonstarbyulie. Accompanying the repost, the Twitter user wrote, “wahh snack fav rakyat malaysia dah jual kat korea tapi harga kemain mahal. jisoo & jennie impact“. We love the idea that international artists are taking notice of our local snacks! Are you a big fan of Super Ring? Let us know in the comments!

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