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Buy 1 Free 1 Double Scoop Ice Cream Is Happening In Häagen-Dazs!

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In conjunction of Christmas, you know, the holiday that keeps on giving, Buy 1 Free 1 Double Scoop Ice Cream Is Happening In Häagen-Dazs! This month, Häagen-Dazs is going strong with so many promotions including 3 pints for only RM 70 that is still valid until 31st December 2018. And if you are feeling extra, there is promotion happening for their ice cream cakes too!  So, you know it is time to end the year with a bang and it is time to treat yourself!

Buy 1 Free 1 Double Scoop Ice Cream Is Happening In Häagen-Dazs!

Photo: Haagen-Dazs (Facebook)

Okay, let’s get down to business! The buy one free one double scoop ice cream is happening on the starts on Boxing Day, and it is only valid for two days! So, that means it is from 26th to 28th December 2018. This is happening in all their shops nationwide! As you can imagine, there is going to be a queue for this and Häagen-Dazs will be packed! Hence, this promotion is only available for takeaways. Unfortunately, this fantastic promotion will not be valid with other promotions, discounts, and VIP privileges. That’s all you will need to know!

Your Guide To Double Scoop!

Photo: @_lclcfoodie_ (Instagram)

When it comes to double scoop, it is so important to have two flavours that match well together! It will give you an ultimate ice cream experience. We have come up with a few combinations that you will need to try in Häagen-Dazs. First thing first, you know you can’t go wrong with a mixture of chocolate and vanilla! It is the most basic combination that everybody loves! Kick it up the notch and go for Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream!

If you love sweet things, you can’t go wrong with chocolate and caramel together! We simply love their Salted Caramel Ice Cream, and for that extra crunch, go for Caramel Biscuit & Cream Ice Cream. Oh, another great mix will be chocolate with Banana Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream! Chocolate and banana? Yes, please! Lastly, if you are not a fan of chocolate, go for Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream and vanilla! Tasty much!

Here’s The Scoop

Photo: @chewlingchua (Instagram)
  • Buy 1 Free 1 Double Scoop Ice Cream
  • Promotion valid from 26th to 28th December.
  • At Häagen-Dazs shops nationwide.
  • Available for takeaways only.
  • Not valid with other promotions / discounts / VIP privileges.

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