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5 Long-Running Foodie Deals Near You Each Day in 2019

Not every meal has to be extravagant, nor do you have to travel that extra mile and a half for it. We’re all busy people, and we understand that sometimes, you just want something simple, cheap, and nice to eat nearby your office before retiring home after a long day’s work. There may be many deals in restaurants near you that you simply never found out about – whether it’s because they’re usually rather expensive restaurants, or you ate enough of them in the past that you just never thought of going back. Whatever the case, we’re here to help ease your dilemma on meal plans with these 5 Best Long-Running Deals Near You Each Day.

5 Best Long-Running Deals Near You Each Day

1. Secret Recipe (Secret Monday – Buy 1 Free 1)

by @ secretrecipemy (Instagram)

I hereby proclaim that their Secret Monday is not-so-secret-anymore. Yes, Secret Recipe has a long-running buy one free one deal on every Monday past 6pm for a selection of their main course. Sorry, let me stress the point a little more – MAIN COURSE! Best of all is that Secret Recipe does not jeopardise their food quality nor downsize the portion of their meals – a plate each is more than enough for everyone to let out a satisfied burp! With about RM20 for a plate with one free, you’re effectively paying only RM10 for very delicious yet large portions of food – hard to find such prices (especially for western food) even at hawker centres!

source @ Secret Recipe Malaysia (Website)
source @ Secret Recipe Malaysia (website)

Status: Halal
Address(es): Pretty Much Everywhere (There are already two in NU/KL Sentral itself!)
Deal Hours: Every Monday at 6pm– Closing Time (Public Holidays Excluded)
Notable T&C: Dine-in only. Available in SR outlets nationwide, excluding PPUM, Subang SkyPark, KTIA, Aeon Mall Taiping & Medini Mall.

2. Dominos (Super Tuesday – RM3.70 Personal Pizzas)

by @ dominosmy (Instagram)

Pizza-tologists, be advised – your theories have been confirmed. Dominos’ Personal Pizzas are flat! Plus, they now only cost RM3.70! You can enjoy your own meal for less than four ringgit, or less than eight ringgit if your stomach so desires even with service tax! Here, we did some calculations for you. [3.7 x (1 + 0.06) = 3.922] Yeap, it’s still less than four ringgit! Grab a friend and head over to Dominos now, my pizza-tologists. Let the word spread…

by @ (Instagram)

Status: Halal
Address(es): Have You Been Living Under A Rock?
Deal Hours: Every Tuesday at 10.30am– 11pm (Operating Hours)
Notable T&C: Surcharge applies to requests for certain crusts and/or extra condiments. Surcharge applies to Royale, Classics, and First Class Pizzas. Promotion is only valid for online and self-collection. Prices shown are subject to 6% service tax.

3. Llaollao (Well-nesday – Discounts of 11%/22%/33%)

by @ myllaollao (Instagram)

Yes, the chronology is real. With one for Monday and Tuesday each, here’s one for Wednesday. Llaollao has a promotion on every Wednesday of every month, having an increment of 11%, 22%, to 33% on the third week! Taste some of the best Spanish frozen yogurt snack in Malaysia after a hot and tiring day at work. It’s healthy, it’s refreshing, and it’s more affordable on Wednesdays! What’s not to love?

by @ rebeccasfoodiefairytale (Instagram)
by @ themilkteathief (Instagram)

Status: Halal
Address(es): Available In Many Malls
Deal Hours: Every Wednesday at 1pm– 7pm
Notable T&C: (Best to consult llaollao stores)

4. Gindaco (Tako Thursday – RM1 per Ball)

by @ gindacomalaysia (Instagram)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and now, Thursday! With just RM1, you can get a hot steamy ball of diced octopus, covered in a layer of takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise! This “snack”, when bought in their a set of 8 pieces, can make any person full. Better be quick to get there for lunch, though! With a promotion like this, we’ve seen how a short queue isn’t really short on the list of orders. (Office tapao representatives, we’re looking at you…)

by @ gindacomalaysia (Instagram)
by @ hangryinkl (Instagram)

Status: Halal
Address(es): Present In Many Malls
Deal Hours: Every Thursday at 12pm– 4pm
Notable T&C: Minimum of 8 pieces. Selection of Takoyaki flavours only.

5. Pizza Hut (Wow! Take-Away – RM5/RM10/RM15)

by @ pizzahutmalaysia (Instagram)

So far, we have one promotion for you each day – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. With all that, we now present you a promotion for Friday EVERYDAY! Yes, we’re very much aware we had another pizza deal in this post already. With RM15 for large pizzas, dough? In fact, that’s not it! You can get regular slices of pizza at RM10, as well as a personal pizza at RM5! Any of you pizza fans who just can’t get enough pizza, here’s the promotion that will indulge you to the point of brimming insanity.

by @ baba__rancho_ (Instagram)

Status: Halal
Address(es): Katak Di Bawah Tempurung
Deal Hours: Every Thursday at 12pm– 4pm
Notable T&C: Take-away only. All prices shown are inclusive of 6% SST (Pizza Hut – Terms of Use). Applicable to family favourites and normal crusts only.

5 Best Long-Running Deals Near You Each Day

For all of you who like consistent good deals, this article should help ease your mind as to where and what to eat. It’s definitely not easy to find long-running deals, but we’ve compiled them just for you! 😀 Make sure to check them out with friends and family, too, so they can reap the benefits of good food at good prices! Share this article and/or tag them. Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments, too!

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