Foreign Worker Warmed Malaysians’ Hearts With a Simple Act of Kindness

He's our hero!

We have been living in a hectic and complicated world which has caused us to ignore the needs of others at times. However, this doesn’t stop some people from doing the things they think are best for the others. Today, what you’re going to see is someone who owns a big heart living in a small world.

Foreign Worker Showed Us The Proper Way to Treat The Others

Photo: Andy Lau

According to netizen Andy Lau, he went to Thirteen Yaw Mookata House at Jalan Harimau Tarum in Johor Bahru for a meal before sighting this heart-warming scene: a foreign worker took the initiative to feed a customer in need (OKU), even though he is fully aware that he would not get anything in return.

Here’s a screenshot of the original post that has gotten 33.7k reacts and more than 5k shares on Facebook since its posting on 20th of May (Monday):

Photo: Andy Lau

The original post translates to: “I witnessed the whole scenario of this cafe’s foreign worker feeding a handicapped youngster in need. He is just a worker, no one instructed him, nor will he receive any tips for doing so, but he still willingly lent a helping hand, shouldn’t we all give him a thumbs up?”

Not all heroes wear capes, and this one has warmed our hearts and restored our faith in humanity. Judging from the response of the post, the masses of Malaysians’ hearts were touched by his action and shared the warmth in his doing. He might not be a Malaysian but we must not deny the fact that he has outdone each of us from this incident.

The Man Who Deserves Everyone’s Respect

We’ve shown sympathy in mind towards people in need but how many of us have really taken any actions? We’ll be frank, living in a world where multimedia and social media are somewhat important to have blinded most of the people with negative thoughts being shared out. However, his kindness has changed everything that we’ve seen.

We’ve reached the end of this touching news, we hope this brings us all up as one with positivity. Share it out to all the fams out there, and leave a comment if you think he did the right thing.

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