4-Tons Worth Of Free Durians Await Your Arrival At Batu Kurau, Perak

Free durian pls :D

There’s king in every kind of things, be it cars or gadgets, but most importantly the king of fruits is the thing we want most in Malaysia. Good day Foodies, we’re here to advise you to hold your jaw as there’ll be 4-tons of free durians at Batu Kurau waiting to be eaten.

4-Tons Worth Of Durians Are Free To Grab This Saturday (6/7/19)

We’ve just found out something worth sharing to every single durian lovers out there from Durian Batu Kurau’s Facebook page. Fret not, we’re here to help you understand everything before you get over-excited.


Durian trend was conquering the whole of Malaysia not too long ago and it’s still attracting people with its flaws. Despite the ending of durians season, Sempeneh Village’s MPKK decided to hold an event to celebrate durians season once more. Fun fact: They’ve done the first one back in 2018.

Photo: Durian Batu Kurau

The event starts from 10:30 AM and will end at 4 PM at Perkarangan Masjid Kampung Sempeneh, Batu Kurau, Perak. 4 tons, that’s approximately 3600 kg may seem like a big number, but you never know the capability of durians enthusiast when it comes to finishing these up.

Photo: Durian Batu Kurau

All those durians are what you’d be expecting when you arrive, well, at least when you’re early.

Photo: civic_ketam

These Free Durians Are Driving People Crazy

Well, do you think people will travel all the way to enjoy these 4-tons free of durians? Obviously, we will, but it’s going to be a long drive. If it happens to jam in the morning, you might be sitting in the middle of the line of the traffic to reach this place. Durians are nice but also heaty if you eat too much, we hope you drink plenty of water and take care of yourself! Leave a comment down below and tell us about your excitement.


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