Hello Kitty Carrier Available At McDonald’s Malaysia From 27 Nov Onwards

Hey guys! We’ve got some cute news for you! Hello Kitty Holders is going to be available in Malaysia! It’s making its way over after being introduced in Singapore a while ago. McDonald’s Malaysia is back again, this time with their new Hello Kitty holder! If you want to get a hold of this super cute new item, you’re going to have to be fast!

McDonald’s Malaysia Launching New Hello Kitty Holder

You can get this super adorable Hello Kitty carrier at RM29.99 each! The carrier holds your McDonald’s fries and drinks when you order takeaway meals. This means you’ll be reducing the use of plastic bags (yay sustainability)! Each Hello Kitty Holder also has an adjustable strap which lets you secure the bucket to your car’s headrest.

Photo: @McDonald’s Malaysia (Facebook)

When Is It Available?

Hello Kitty Carrier will be available from November 27, 10.00AM onwards. 

Hello Kitty Carrier From McDonalds Malaysia!

If you want to get your hands on this Hello Kitty Holder, remember to queue early so you stand a chance!

Check out the teaser video here, IT’S TOO ADORABLE!

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