IKEA Malaysia Introduces Mini Version Of Shark Soft Toy That’s Super Adorable


Hi guys! So, you know when you make a trip to IKEA, savouring their signature meatballs and strolling around the furniture section is mandatory right? But if you’re a frequent IKEA visitor, you’ll know that IKEA’s toy section features really adorable soft toys. Today, the star of our article is our cuddly friend, a soft toy shark named BLÅHAJ.

IKEA Mini Shark Is Now Available For Purchase!

BLÅHAJ is everyone’s favourite IKEA star because it’s so cuddly and well because it’s also super adorable! (It even broke the Internet recently) The original soft toy shark measures 100cm but now, there’s an even more cuddly version, mini BLÅHAJ! Yup, we came up with that name

Photo: @ikea_shark_official (Instagram)

According to IKEA’s official website, BLÅHAJ “could already swim and dive deep after being born – and it’s a good thing since it needs to eat a lot of squid, lobster and shrimp to grow and be big as its mother.”

Photo: @ikea_shark_official

In addition to that, all soft toys are good at hugging, comforting and listening and are fond of play and mischief. Also, they are reliable and tested for safety.

Mini BLÅHAJ now measures only 55cm, making it the perfect cuddle companion when we go to bed at night. That’s not all guys! Mini BLÅHAJ is priced at only RM29.90 so we’re pretty sure everyone is gonna be storming over to IKEA to get themselves a  new friend.

Good news is, it’s already available at all IKEA outlets but if you’re too lazy to head out, you can get them online too! Just head on over to their website and order one for yourselves! Our baby shark dream finally came true!



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