llaollao Is Rolling Out Mysterious Black Frozen Yogurt & Netizens Are Speculating The Flavour

Hello, friends! We have something truly interesting to share with you. First thing first, we all know and love llaollao! The frozen yogurt is famous for its various toppings, from sauce, fruits, and crunch. We are always queueing on Wednesdays ’cause it is always so hard to say no to discounts. Here’s the news! For the first time ever, it appears that the frozen yogurt brand is unleashing a new flavour of frozen yogurt.

“Darkness Is Coming,” – llaollao Malaysia

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

Just an hour ago, llaollao Malaysia posted a Star Wars-esque poster on its official Facebook page. Accompanying the mysterious poster, the caption says, “Get ready to take on the dark side, this November 29”. That’s it. That’s all the information that we have from the post. Naturally, netizens started speculating the flavour of the newest creation.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

There are two major speculations. Some netizens believed that this new flavour may be charcoal due to the colour. Many other netizens believed that the latest flavour will be chocolate! Chocolate sounds pretty possible considering that llaollao offers a wide range of chocolate sauce, and toppings. It will go pretty well with the existing menu. Chocolate overload, anyone?

What’s the new flavour?

Photo: llaollao Malaysia (Facebook)

The latest flavour will be available in llaollao from 29th November 2019 onwards. Are you excited to try out the new flavour? It is about time for a new creation. We love natural frozen yogurt, but it is always good to have options! The idea of getting chocolate frozen yogurt topped off with chocolate sauce got all of us drooling. Will you be trying the new flavour?

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  • llaollao Malaysia is introducing a new frozen yogurt flavour.
  • Announced on its official Facebook page.
  • However, no information about the flavour is released.
  • The new flavour will be available from 29th November 2019.

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