Malaysia Public Holiday 2019 (12 Long Weekends)

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This post is all about Malaysia Public Holiday 2019!

I love holidays, and I believe we’re all on the same boat. It doesn’t matter if you spend your holidays by going on a vacation, having quality companionship with your family, enjoying lazy idle hours with intense thoughts, amidst the lap of nature or even by having mediation – All can be extremely relaxing and fulfilling at the same time. Keen to get ready for your next holiday plans?

Public Holiday in Malaysia 2019

Here’s the list you shouldn’t miss (with very useful tips attached), Malaysia’s Public Holidays Schedule of 2019! Thank us later!

Malaysia National Public Holiday 2019

malaysia public holiday 2019
Public Holiday – Calendar

5 Guaranteed Long Weekends in 2019

[Thaipusam] 19 January- 21 January (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
[Wesak Day] 18 May- 20 May (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
[Hari Raya Haji] 10 August- 12 August (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
[National Day & Awal Muharam] 31 August- 2 September (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
[Malaysia Day] 14 September- 16 September (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)

5 long weekends only?! Hang on, we can make it 12! Wanna enjoy more long weekends? Here’s where your annual leave comes into play: With only 11 days of vacation leave, you’ll be granted another 7 long weekends! 

When to take your leave to make it a total of 12 Long Weekends?

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Extend your holidays by using your annual leave wisely! Here’s our guide for you to MAXIMIZE your holidays! *Kindly refer to the dates in bold.

[New Year’s Day] 31 December (Mon)  ∴ 29 December- 1 January (Sat- Tues)= 4 days
[Chinese New Year] 4 February (Mon) ∴ 3- 6 February (Sun-Wed)= 4 days
[Labour Day] 2 & 3 May (Thurs & Fri) ∴  1– 5 May (Wed-Sun)= 5 days
[Nuzul Quran] 23 & 24 May (Thurs & Fri) ∴ 22- 26 May (Wed-Sun)= 5 days
[Hari Raya Puasa] 7 June (Fri) ∴ 5– 9 June (Wed-Sun)5 days
[Hari Raya Haji] 9 August (Fri) ∴ 9– 12 August (Fri- Mon)4 days
[National Day & Awal Muharram] 30 August (Fri) ∴ 30 August– 2 September (Fri- Mon)= 4 days
[Christmas Day] 26 & 27 December (Thurs & Fri) ∴ 25– 29 December (Wed-Sun)= 5 days

School Holiday 2019 (Malaysia)

The moment all students have been waiting for: Here’s the list of your school holidays in 2019!

Semester 1: 23 March- 31 March
Semester 2:  25 May- 9 June
Semester 3: 10 August- 18 August
Semester 4: 23 November- 31 December 

‼️ For schools in Johor, Kedah, Kelantan Terengganu, school holidays start and end a day earlier.

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Malaysia National Public Holiday 2019

Here comes to an end of today’s blog “Malaysia Public Holiday 2019”. Of course, we’ll keep on updating this post if there’s any announcement by the government about new 2019 Public Holiday in Malaysia.

malaysia holiday 2019
Malaysia Holiday 2019.

*All dates are subject to change.
For the full public holiday list according to states, press here. 
For more information or updates, please visit


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