New: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Introduces Passion Fruit Cheesecake Ice Blended

Guys, we’re coming back non-stop with all these amazing deals and new things, we’re bringing one more to the table! It’s right about time Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives us the opportunity to try passion fruit series cheesecake and drinks.

Photo: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Malaysia

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Passion Fruit Cheesecake Ice Blended (NEW)

Fans of passion fruit are probably going crazy right now as these look super-duper-licious. It’s been a while since we posted about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf so here’s this.

Photo: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Malaysia

We think that this is definitely a game-changer to passion-fruit-themed drinks and desserts. The textures are amazing not to mention the fluffiness of the cake and the taste of both the ice blended and brew tea.

Photo: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Malaysia

Passion Fruit Cake and Drinks? Count Us In!

There you go folks, this is the one thing we want to bring you at the end of today. We do hope you’ll check it out if you’re a fan of passion fruit as it’s definitely worth it. Leave your comments down below if you’ve already went or you’re going. Ciao!

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