Official Post Exposes Fake Himalaya Salt Candy in Malaysia & How To Identify Them

If you are a fan of the popular Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, you need to carefully read on. In an official Facebook post by Big Foot Malaysia that went viral yesterday, the company behind the popular lemon candy warned that there might be a fake version of the flagship product being circulated in Malaysia.

Fake Himalaya Salt Sports Candy in Malaysia


Fortunately for us, the same post also shared a few tips to help you distinguish a genuine pack of salt candy from its counterfeit version. We’ve listed them out below:

1. Thinner font of product benefits on the front packaging

Check the product benefits stated at the bottom of the front packaging. If you see a bolder font, it’s most probably fake, though both types of fonts here do look similar to us. If you feel the same, scroll on for more ways to double check!

2. No gap between West Malaysia’s distributor name and address


Check if there’s a gap between the marketing company and its name. If there is, it’s counterfeit!

 3. Valid Lot Number

The post doesn’t elaborate more on how to determine whether a lot number is valid, but based on the post, it shows that 19F02 is a genuine lot number as opposed to 19C02 which is not.

4. Look for “Manufacture in Malaysia” keyword

Check if the label says “Manufacture in Malaysia” instead of “Manufacturer in Malaysia”. Yes if you see an extra “r” there, it’s fake! Phew, this key difference seems like an easier one to tackle, isn’t it?

If you finished reading this, congratulations ’cause you’ve now mastered the art of identifying a fake Himalaya Salt Sports Candy! Before you leave, we hope you share this skill out to other candy fans out there so they don’t fall in the same trap.

Are you a fan of this salt candy? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll see you next!

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