Red Velvet Flavoured Oreo Is Now Available In 7-Eleven Malaysia For A Limited Time Only

Hello, friends! It goes without saying that Oreo is enjoyed by many Malaysians. The sandwich cookie made with two wafers with a sweet cream filling is so versatile. You can enjoy by itself, dip it into milk, or use it as an ingredient of baking goods! Of course, Oreo McFlurry is a fan favourite at McDonald’s! Soft-serve with chunks of Oreo is always a good idea.

Red Velvet Flavoured Oreo

Photo: 7-Eleven Malaysia (Facebook)

Step into 7-Eleven, and you will notice that there are many Oreo flavours available. Personally, we have always enjoyed the double stuffings of the original sweet cream fillings. Now, it is time to try something new. In conjunction with Christmas, red velvet flavoured Oreo is now available in 7-Eleven Malaysia. You can get the sweet treat in Peninsular Malaysia except for Langkawi.

Photo: @surprisemcbo (Instagram)

We love the colours! Instead of black, the two wafers are now in vivid red, matching the colours of a red velvet cake. On the original Facebook post, some netizens commented that the sandwich cookie truly tastes like red velvet. Other netizens mentioned that the limited-edition flavour is considerably sweet. Will you be trying out this brand new flavour from Oreo?

Now available in 7-Eleven Malaysia

Photo: @heyimapol (Instagram)

Red velvet flavoured Oreo is now available in all 7-Eleven Malaysia in Peninsular Malaysia except for Langkawi. It is time to celebrate Christmas with all things red and white! Will you be creating some baked goods with this flavour for family gatherings? There are so many recipes to explore! From creating pancakes, hot fudge cheesecake, to brownies; the possibilities are endless!

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  • Red velvet Oreo is now available in 7-Eeleven Malaysia in Peninsular Malaysia except for Langkawi.
  • The limited-edition flavour is available in conjunction with Christmas.
  • A bonus sticker will be given with the purchase.

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