R&R Stops Across Malaysia To Have Family Mart, Sushi King & Others!

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While we’re travelling across Peninsular Malaysia for a road trip, R&R stops are unavoidable. Besides, they have been there to ensure that our ‘balik kampung’ trips are smooth-sailing.

Certain R&R stops make it to our hearts because they have plenty of F&B vendors that spoil us for choices. Examples include Dunkin Donuts or A & W. However, there are those that…aren’t really worthy of mention.

If you constantly find yourselves travelling on long-haul drives across the Peninsular whereby rest and recreation are essential, we have good news.

Family Mart, Sushi King & Many More Are Coming To R&R Outlets Across Malaysia!

family mart is coming to r&r malaysia
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Family Mart, Sushi King, Daily Fresh are among those that will be making their appearance at Malaysia’s R&R stops. 

Christine Liew, the PLUS chief commercial officer said to Malay Mail, “The choices are made by our customers and we also have more brand coming soon.”

These F&B outlets at select R&R stops will total up to “25 major F&B brands, both homegrown and international,” according to Malay Mail.

family mart is coming to r&r malaysia
Photo: cheahlinimg (Instagram)
family mart is coming to r&r malaysia
Photo: @julaimj (Instagram)

Here are more details regarding the openings:

Bon 900 Café — Dengkil southbound

Daily Fresh — Machap northbound, Gunung Semanggol northbound and southbound

Family Mart — Sg Buloh Overhead Bridge Restaurant

My Laksa — Gurun northbound

Sushi King — Rawang northbound (in operation)

P/S: These outlets will be introduced in stages starting from this month. Now we can all look forward to a fun and exciting road trip!

Select R&R Stops Across Malaysia Will Be Having Family Mart, Sushi King & More!

family mart is coming to r&r malaysia
Photo:, @cheahlinimg, @julaimj (Instagram)



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