Just In: foodpanda Revised All Riders’ Salary Outside The Klang Valley

foodpanda recently announced a new payment scheme for all riders outside the Klang Valley that will take effect on the 30th of September 2019.

foodpanda works with over 12,000 freelance riders across Malaysia. This provides our riders with the flexibility to choose when and where they wish to work.

Riders are able to select the shifts they wish to work based on their convenience. foodpanda ensures there are always sufficient slots for riders to work for the shifts they select via our unique batch system. This system ensures that riders who want to work more have high volumes of deliveries available to them and vice versa.

As riders work with foodpanda on a freelance basis, the revised scheme enables riders to earn more income based on the orders they accept. foodpanda has increased the rate per order that a rider does.

For example, a rider that previously received RM5 per order would now receive RM7 per order. Riders are also incentivised with a RM100 bonus upon completing 60 hours a week. In addition to that, riders will receive an extra RM1 per order for all orders between 11pm to 9am daily. Riders will also receive an additional bonus between the 30th of September – 6th of October when they complete a minimum of 80 orders during that period. To ensure riders are able to deliver more orders during each shift, a list of “Hot Zones” have also been highlighted to them.

foodpanda riders are a key stakeholder in the foodpanda delivery ecosystem. The safety and wellbeing of the riders are important to foodpanda. Hence, insurance is provided for all our riders and a revised payment scheme that will benefit riders.

foodpanda will continue to provide a safe and versatile work environment to riders who value the flexible lifestyle that being a foodpanda rider provides.

Source: Press Release

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