KFC Malaysia Brings Back Hot & Cheezy Series That’s Perfect For Cheese Lovers

Cheese, Cheese and MORE CHEESE

FOODIES FOODIES FOODIES! We have some cheesy news up our sleeves! No, you can’t use them on your friends, unfortunately. But on the bright side, it’s about KFC! If you remember, back in 2015, KFC has launched before the Hot & Cheezy series. And now, they’re bringing it back again!

 KFC Hot & Cheezy Series Returns!

KFC Malaysia is a fried chicken joint that has been with us since our childhood. This is the main reason why we will never miss out on trying KFC’s latest menu items. Over the years, there are countless of new fried chicken flavours from KFC such as the Sawadee Crunch, Salted Egg Yolk and many more.

Photo: @KFCMalaysia

But one ultimate flavour that’s everyone’s favourite is most definitely the cheese topping. Come on, what could go wrong with cheese right? Definitely not fried chicken, as we know it. So, need we say more about this iconic combo’s return? Probably.

In case you wanna know, the KFC Hot & Cheezy is KFC’s crunchy Hot & Spicy chicken drizzled in a mouthwatering cheese sauce that’s made with premium Romano cheese. Rich and creamy, the cheese sauce complements the all-time favourite KFC Hot & Spicy chicken wonderfully!

Photo: @KFCMalaysia

And that isn’t all, the cheesy goodness also expands towards our fluffy burger friend.  The creamy premium Romano cheese sauce is richly splurged on the spicy Zinger fillet, and then layered with mayonnaise, lettuce and crunchy nachos, in between a 4” round sesame bun. What you’ll get is an explosion of flavours on your tastebuds.

Photo: @KFCMalaysia

Unlike the new Soy Garlic Glaze Drummets, KFC Hot & Cheezy is available nationwide so we don’t need lady luck by our side this time. Bye! We’re off to get ourselves some Hot & Cheezy Fried Chicken. Yum.


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