Malaysians Helped To Contribute 978 Cups Of llaollao To 12 Local Orphanages

Special thanks to all these contributors!

Foodies and people all around the world, good day! We’re here to give very exciting news that has proven the warmth in society. This is about what society has done to bring up a smile of every child in the orphanages in Malaysia. Let’s read what we have for you!

Customers in Malaysia Helped to Contribute 978 Cups of llaollao

Tan Kai Young, CEO of Woodpeckers Group Sdn Bhd appreciated and gave his thanks to all the llaollao fans which made a donation of almost 1,000 cups of yogurt during the Ramadan for “Secawan Kasih, Sedekah Budi”.

This campaign started from 26th of April to 3rd of June and had since received 978 cups worth of contributions by llaollao customers. CEO Tan decided to add another 222cups to make it 1,200 cups.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia

It was stated that three orphanages were their initial targets. However, the response was overwhelming that gave ’em the ability to increase it to 12 orphanages. CEO Tan added his thanks to the Malaysians’ kind gesture that he was able to see the children’s appreciation from their smiles.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia
Photo: llaollao Malaysia

Despite being the first major CSR initiative since they’ve started in Malaysia back in 2015, they received a better response than anticipated and have decided to roll out more CSR initiatives in the future, said CEO Tan.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia
Photo: llaollao Malaysia

19th of June is when they made their first stop at Rumah Perlindungan Al Nasuha in Batu Caves. Then, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary was the next on the list on 6th of July 2019, Rumah Amal Al Firdaus, Shah Alam on 7th of July and more to be updated. The campaign can be found on llaollao’s Facebook page and the latest update will be posted.

It’s safe to say that, the children are all very excited and they sure love what they were getting. As of this writing, we’re certain that the rest of the orphanages’ children are also waiting eagerly for their turns and all these are once again thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Photo: llaollao Malaysia
Photo: llaollao Malaysia

Thanks To All The Donor Children In Orphanages Get To Eat llaollao!

Let’s be frank, this is somewhat heart-touching, looking at all the smiles that hang tight on the children’s face, what’s better than that? This campaign has brought people together and we sure hope campaigns like this can catch more attention from the people. Leave your love-shaped comments in the comment section below and tell us about your thoughts!


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