McDonald’s Introduces Ice Blended Chocolate With Oreo And It’s The Best Of Both Worlds

Oreo Is Love

When it comes to novel creation on the menu, McDonald’s always does a pretty good job at it. From annual festive fares like Prosperity Burger to unique creations like Macarons and Strawberry Custard Pie, it’s no wonder why we’re always lovin’ it. So, this time around, McDonald’s is once again introducing a crowd favourite drink that will have everyone buzzing. Are you guys ready? It’s none other than Ice Blended Chocolate with Oreo.

Malaysian Tried McD’s Ice Blended Chocolate With Oreo & Loved It

Everyone loves Oreo as well as chocolates so when there ever was a combo of Oreo and chocolate in one, we can already foresee ourselves falling in love with it. Also, the chocolate Oreo cookies are heaven-sent, have you guys tried them? But today, let’s focus and talk about this new creation by McDonald’s. Forget your regular McCafe drinks, it’s time for the Oreo takeover.

Photo: @mcdonald’ (Website)

We’re not just gonna go on and on about how this is the best combo when we’ve yet to try, so, we found a netizen’s honest verdict on Twitter. According to @muhmd_nor, he claimed that the new Ice Blended Chocolate Oreo is so delicious that it can even beat Starbucks’ Frappuccino. The tweet has over 7000 retweets and 11,000 likes by other netizens. This is one surefire way to tell it’s the next best thing to try out.

Photo: @muhmd_nor (Twitter)

According to McDonald’s official website, the brand new Ice Blended Chocolate Oreo has Oreo crumbs in it so when you first sip on this chocolate goodness, there’ll be Oreo in it to make it even better. You can either opt for the blended or non-blended option when it comes to the chocolate drink too.

Photo: @muhmd_nor (Twitter)

Now that there’s already an official verdict from our netizen, how likely will you guys give it a go? We’re not sure about it but we’re definitely scurrying over to our nearest McDonald’s outlet after work today to get ourselves a cup of Ice Blended Chocolate with Oreo. That’s it for now so bye!

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