South Africa Student Ate KFC Free For A Year Faking Himself from Head Office, Gets Arrested

He tore out of everyone's boxes of mind

We’ve seen so many crazy things going on in this world but not one as crazy as this. In today’s article, you would be questioning yourself why didn’t you think of this?

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A Student From South Africa Ate KFC For Free For A Year

According to IndiaToday, this anonymous student, aged 27,  who was studying at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, fooled his way into eating KFC for a year without even breaking a sweat. Can you believe this?

Here’s how he did it: He would dress as someone who was from Headquarters and fool the employees into trusting him as someone above them all.
From Xpouzar, we know that staff said he was so convincing because he was so confident, and even colleagues from other branches of KFC know him and he even arrived in a Limo. When he came in, he rushed to the kitchen and checked everything, taking notes and then asked for samples of whatever he wanted. He probably worked for KFC before because he knows everything. We can’t blame the staff, they didn’t want to piss him off.

According to the same source, the man was finally arrested one year later for his illegal act.

Here’s how the 9GAG netizens on Facebook reacted :

Despite his actions, everyone loves him for this legendary act. Hooray!

However, what we found out from MailOnline, was KFC denied the fact that they were tricked by a student into handing out free chickens for a year by posing like a boss. KFC also said that the story would have been ‘legendary’ if it’s true but was unfortunately without foundation.

The news was shared on Kenyan journalist Teddy Eugene’s official Twitter account:

We all know someone who has the potential to be as this crazy, share it to them and list them out, right in the comments below!

At the end of the day, we all learn one important thing:

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