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Starbucks Malaysia Is Giving Out 20 Tall-Sized Handcrafted Beverages! 100 Winners!

Hey, fam! The process of making coffee is very expensive, and that’s why being a coffee addict is never cheap. Thankfully, there are always promotions at Starbucks Malaysia. Get ready, there is going to be some free beverages! Starbucks Malaysia Is Giving Out 20 Tall-Sized Handcrafted Beverages. Here’s How! We can almost taste it!

A Good Day Starts With A Good Coffee

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

As announced on Starbucks Malaysia’s official Facebook, you can stand a chance to be rewarded with not one but twenty cups of tall-sized beverages! It is just as simple as purchasing your favourite beverage on your Starbucks Mobile App. That’s all you need to do stand a chance to be the lucky one to get it! This promotion only applies from the 14th to 16th May 2019.

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

Naturally, there are terms and conditions! To participate, you will need a minimum of three transactions is required! How are you going to get it? On the 24th May 2019, the rewards will be credited to MY Starbucks Reward account. This promotion is valid for all Starbucks stores in Malaysia except for Sunway Lagoon kiosk! That’s all you need to know!

100 Customers Will Be Randomly Selected!

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

There is a high chance that you will win considering that there will be 100 customers that will be randomly selected by an automated selection system. So, if you’re used to drinking more than two cups of coffee per day, go to your nearest Starbucks and get your hands on your favourite coffee. Don’t forget to use your Starbucks Mobile App to purchase! It is time for coffee!


Starbucks Malaysia Is Giving Out 20 X 100 Tall-Sized Handcrafted Beverages.

Location: All Starbucks store in Malaysia except for Sunway Lagoon Kiosk

Duration: 14th to 16th May

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