FamilyMart Now Has Brown Sugar Bubble Milk For Only RM 4.90

You know that FamilyMart is probably one of the coolest convenience stores that we have in Malaysia. Unlike the conventional chain convenience stores, FamilyMart has seasonal drops with one of a kind ready to eat food. This time around, we are not talking about a seasonal drop. But, it is worth a mention. FamilyMart Now Has Brown Sugar Bubble Milk For Only RM 4.90.

The cheapest Brown Sugar Bubble Milk

Photo: FamilyMart (Facebook)

FamilyMart wants a slice of the bubble tea world cake. It is introducing their very own concoction of Brown Sugar Bubble Milk. Announced on FamilyMart’s Facebook today, Brown Sugar Bubble Milk is now selling for only RM 4.90. It is not going to last very long as this offer ends on the 25th June 2019. By then, it will be back to the normal price of RM 6.90. Still pretty cheap!

Photo: FamilyMart (Facebook)

To enjoy this promotion, you will need to like their Facebook page. That’s all! Now, you are probably wondering if it tastes nice. You will be happy to know that the brown sugar bubbles are imported from the land of bubble tea, Taiwan! Apart from this, it is made from 100% fresh creamy milk. It sounds pretty legit, we cannot wait to head down to our nearest FamilyMart to try it out!

Are you going to try it out?

Photo: @visitjohor (Instagram)

The idea that FamilyMart is now offering Brown Sugar Bubble Milk is pretty mindblowing. We think that it will be the perfect place to have a quick meal, and then bubble tea to wash it all down. What do you think? Currently, where is your favourite spot to get brown sugar and fresh milk? There’s so many, it is so hard to choose! Let us know in the comments.


FamilyMart Now Has Brown Sugar Bubble Milk For Only RM 4.90

Introductory Price: RM 4.90 (Available until 25th June 2019)

Normal Price: RM 6.90

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