Inside Scoop Made An Ice Cream Mooncake That Is Big Enough To Cover Anyone’s Face

Mid-Autumn is still a month away, but it is not stopping any brands from churning out delicious mooncakes. Step into any shopping malls, and you’ll see mooncake kiosks ready to sell you a couple of double salted egg yolk with lotus paste. That’s an all-time favourite flavour. But, if you want to try out something out of this world; oh boy, Inside Scoop has something good waiting for you.

Introducing The Supermoon

Photo: Inside Scoop

From the title, we have mentioned that Inside Scoop Made An Ice Cream Mooncake That Is Big Enough To Cover Anyone’s Face. After four years of crafting ice-cream mooncakes, Inside Scoop has stepped up its game. Introducing The Supermoon, the 7.5-inch snow skin mooncake is made with raspberry jelly, on top of a crunchy chocolate base, and wrapped with yellow snow skin.

Photo: Inside Scoop

This is an absolutely thrilling mooncake to have for family gatherings during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The whopping 800-gram mooncake is priced at RM115. That is a pretty decent considering that it can feed up to twelve people. So, if you’re looking for a showstopping mooncake, The Supermoon is your best option. After all, everybody loves a good pistachio ice-cream!

Normal-sized mooncakes are available too

Photo: Inside Scoop

We get it. Not everyone is made for a showstopping mooncake. You will be happy to know that normal-sized mooncakes are also available in Inside Scoop. There are several flavours to choose from including Rocher, Durian, Unicorn, and Matcha! All these flavours are one-of-a-kind with different combinations of premium ingredients. Check it out!

Photo: Inside Scoop
  • Rocher – Comes with a nutty base, Rocher is made with chocolate hazelnut, layered with chocolate velvet coating, and gold-dusted chocolate seal.
  • Durian – Comes with a chocolate ganache yolk, made with Inside Scoop’s signature durian ice cream, wrapped with green snow skin.
  • Unicorn – Comes with a raspberry yolk, made with blue milk ice cream and raspberry yogurt ice cream, wrapped in white snow skin.
  • Matcha – Comes with black sesame yolk, made with rich green tea ice cream, with passionfruit chocolate velvet coating.
Photo: Inside Scoop

You can get these normal-sized mooncakes in two in a box, or four in a box. For two in a box, it is pre-packed with one Unicorn, and one Rocher for a cool price of RM60. In the box of four, you will get all the flavours mentioned above for a price of RM100. The mooncake boxes are super cute with pastel colours, a total opposite from a traditional mooncake box.

To the moon and back

Photo: Inside Scoop

You will be happy to know that these mooncakes are all available in Inside Scoop and online since 1st August 2019. Yes, you can head down to the nearest Inside Scoop store and surprise your loved ones with these! If you’re living in Klang Valley, you can check out other methods of purchasing these right down below. Be right back, measuring The Supermoon on our faces.

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Inside Scoop Mooncakes

  • The Supermoon is the biggest mooncake we have ever seen, measuring at 7.5 inches.
  • Other normal-sized flavours include Rocher, Durian, Unicorn, and Matcha.
  • The Supermoon (RM115), two pieces for RM60, and four pieces for RM100.
  • Available since 1st August 2019 in all stores and online.

If you’re in Klang Valley, you can get it on GrabFood. Available at Bangsar, Damansara Jaya, The Gardens Mall, Suria KLCC, MyTown, Taman Segar, Puchong, Mahkota Cheras, USJ Taipan, Sri Petaling, 1Utama.

Inside Scoop’s mooncake booths happening at Sunway Velocity from 21st August until 13th September, and 1Utama from 29th August until 13th September.

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