McDonald’s Billboards Present Uniqueness of Malaysia States With Fries And Nuggets

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We’ve seen lots of marketing strategies in this era but no one is as good and as creative as Mcdonald’s recent billboards! These Mcdonald’s billboards are currently rocking the internet with their inventiveness to fit in almost every state in Malaysia.

Mcdonald’s Malaysia Turns Billboards Into Something Fun

According to advertising+marketing Mcdonald’s Malaysia has just launched its OOH campaign throughout Malaysia in late April. Taking advertising beyond digital screens has not been an easy task in 2019. However, Mcdonald’s Malaysia still has its ways to entertain and advertise people in Malaysia at the same time. Mcdonald’s Malaysia marketing director said that they will gradually roll out on more than 50 billboards across Malaysia with an investment of RM300,000 for visual changes on the billboards.

1. Penang

Photo: @ahusannitaf

The only way to show what is Penang is with a bridge made of food. It only makes sense to build the Penang Bridge with lots of Mcdonald’s French Fries. They did it right!

2. Kedah

Photo: @AzminaAthirah_

With Kedah being the leading and major producer of paddy in Malaysia. Mcdonald’s Malaysia takes their opportunity to show Kedah’s hard work with fries as paddy field for their billboard.

3. Perak

Photo: Food Porn Sabah 沙巴吃货

As we know, Angsana Tree is very important to represent Taiping Lake Garden, Mcdonald’s Malaysia didn’t ignore the fact and gave their best into this billboard.


Photo: Food Porn Sabah 沙巴吃货

Ipoh with their signature “Mari Tidak Sombong” features all Perak’s supporters during 1990 FA Cup Final when they sing along their lyrics using When The Saints Go Marching In. This is the proudest moment of Perak during that time. Mcdonald’s took the chance to remind Perakians and other Malaysians the fame of that time.

4. Selangor

Photo: @shfaa_

The stadium in Shah Alam has been the shine of its state and Mcdonald’s Malaysia did not forget. The fact that they describe the stadium with Oreo Mcflurry’s cup is simply hilarious and cute haha.

Photo: Food Porn Sabah 沙巴吃货

Let’s not forget to climb the stairs to burn dem calories! Fries replacing the flights might not look as astonishing but it definitely has its own style! Don’t you feel like climbing and eating them at the same time?

5. Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Food Porn Sabah 沙巴吃货

Two Sundae cones and one fries to represent Kuala Lumpur’s proudest building, the KLCC, is way out of our imagination. Who would’ve thought you’ve been licking off KLCC tower and munching the connector-bridge the whole time?

6. Terengganu

Photo: @paankurma

Terengganu has been known as a state that protects turtle and Mcdonald’s Malaysia slid that in their billboard to remind Malaysians about the importance of turtles. With a nugget as a turtle shell and barbeque dip sauce as its limbs and head, we’d say it’s pure genius!

7. Sabah

Photo: Food Porn Sabah 沙巴吃货

Chocolate Sundae that resembles Sabah’s Gunung Kinabalu? Yes, please! It’s almost like we can feel the chill we’ll be getting if we’re going up the hill. Well, I would definitely go up there one day!

8. Johor Bahru

Photo: Food Porn Sabah 沙巴吃货

Malaysia Cup 2017 is when Johoreans and all Johor’s supporters sing for their favorite state. “Ayuh Johor Luaskan Kuasamu” is one tagline that holds the state together.

9. Negeri Sembilan

Photo: Food Porn Sabah 沙巴吃货

Negeri Sembilan is always referred to as “N9”. If you look and count carefully, there are actually 9 nuggets representing the number 9! Negeri 9 the Negeri Beradat (Morality) you’ll be respected, always.

10. Sarawak

Photo: discover.kuching

There’s no other way to describe cats except for their all-time favorite, fish burgers. Mcdonald’s Malaysia smoothly slipped in Kuching with Fillet O Fish burger quoting “Even Kuching(cat) likes it”. Well played Mcdonald’s Malaysia!

Mcdonald’s Malaysia Playing the Smooth Card

It has been a pleasure sharing this exciting news with y’all. This news has definitely caught our attention and we couldn’t wait to share it out to every one of you out there. How does the one in your state look like? Share with us in the comment below! Remember to share this out to your friends and people around you, bye!

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