This Honest Business Owner In Kedah Weighs The Durian Without Its Shell

Such Uprightness Are Rare These Days

Do you get mad when the durian that you bought at a high price as some rotten parts in it? I know I do. Well, this stall weighs the durian without its shell and his honesty is being praised by many. Mohd Izzuwan Ismail got this idea when he got a rotten durian without any knowledge about it.

“I’m Selling Durian Flesh And Not Its Shell.” – Mohd Izzuwan Ismail


Mohd Izzuwan Ismail’s stall is located by the side of the road of Batu 15, Jalan Sintok and his stall have drawn a lot of attention because of his uprightness. He got this idea a month ago when he bought durians a few times and most of them were rotten and he only found out about it when he opened it up at home.

He says that if he was furious when that happened to him, other people would definitely have the same feeling as well if the same thing happens to them. Mohd Izzuwan Ismail’s siblings help him out with this business as well. The objective of this business is to make sure that all of his customers are satisfied. Moreover, Mohd Izzuwan Ismail is a motorbike mechanic too.

Photo: Nur Hajar (Facebook)

A container that weighs 1KG will cost RM 25. If the durian that was picked by the customer does not fill the container to 1KG, Mohd Izzuwan Ismail will fill it up with different species of durians to make sure it meets with the weight requirement. Additionally, if the customer prefers to buy an unopened durian it’ll cost from RM 8 to RM 25 per kilogram depending on the species. He says that even though his stall is located in a secluded area, he is able to sell more than 200 durians every day.

With this honest strategy, there are regular customers who would buy their durian from Mohd Izzuwan Ismail’s stall. He does deliveries to Pulau Langkawi as well and has delivered about 20 containers so far.

After the publicities by his customers, Mohd Izzuwan Ismail’s durians have been selling out earlier than usual. His business will start at 10 am and he would sell out by 2 pm.

Do you think that durian stall owners should adopt this concept again? Leave your opinion in the comment below.

Cover image credit: Berita Harian (Left), Nur Hajar (Right)

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