Onde-Onde Ice-Cream By King’s Potong Signature Is Now Available In Malaysia

Greetings, fam! We are another week closer to Hari Raya. With that said, there are beautiful decorations at most shopping malls,  and discounts are everywhere! Naturally, major brands are also coming up with interesting flavour to mark this special occasion. Here’s one! Onde-Onde Ice-Cream By King’s Potong Signature Is Now Available In Malaysia.

Onde-Onde Ice-Cream By King’s Potong Signature

Photo: @kingspotongmy (Instagram)

Believe it or not, onde-onde is a hit this year! It is appearing everywhere. IKEA has also announced that they are selling onde-onde cake, and our favourite local ice cream brand, Inside Scoop is also making onde-onde ice cream cake. It looks like one huge onde-onde. With all these onde-onde excitement, we are excited to try out Onde-Onde Ice-Cream By King’s Potong Signature!

Photo: @miracikcit (Instagram)

How does it taste like? Well, we imagine it to be extremely creamy and sweet. The Potong ice cream is made out of coconut and pandan flavoured ice-cream on the outside. In the inside, you will find a sweet surprise of gula melaka filling and coconut shavings. People who have tasted it mentioned that it tastes very similar to our favourite nyonya kuih.

Photo: @ajwinajeera (Instagram)

For sure, King’s Potong Signature is going to get the flavour right. After all, they have been introducing amazing flavours to Malaysia such as pulut hitam, kacang merah, teh tarik, and many other local favourite flavours. If you’re planning to get the brand new flavour, it is priced at RM 2 per piece, and RM 11 for a multipack. It is now available in major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Perfect For Hari Raya

Without a doubt, this is going to be the perfect weapon to beat the heat in Malaysia. It is time to stock up in our refrigerators! Personally, we think the kacang merah ice cream by King’s Signature Potong will always be the most iconic. So, we will be popping that in our fridge as well! What are your thoughts about this brand new flavour? Let us know in the comments!

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